Ilima Intermediate School

Visible Learning

Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. Visible Teaching and Learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

Our school is committed to enhancing current practices with the Visible Learning (VL) framework to engage teachers and students to improve the learning experience and promote achievement.  This year we started with Kristin Anderson presenting a whole day session on Foundation with the entire faculty.  Ainsley Rose facilitated a session on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria (LISC) with Department Heads.  Our Curriculum Coordinator Cherise Akimoto and Vice Principal Mariko Yorimoto, who has 3 years of VL training and implementation at a former school, will co-facilitate our school-led Professional Development (PD).


Throughout the year we will continue to seek additional PD to increase our knowledge and provide support for implementing the various aspects of Visible Learning in the classroom. These opportunities will broaden our collective teaching and self-efficacy.

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