Ilima Intermediate School

School Services & Procedures

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Principal Mr. Christopher Bonilla

Vice-Principal Mrs. Mariko Yorimoto, 8th Grade

Vice-Principal Mr. Oscar Ramiscal, 7th Grade


The principal is in charge of the school and its programs, operations and activities.  The principal and vice-principals are here to help with any problems or concerns that may arise.  If you feel you need to meet with one of them personally, arrange for a conference by calling one of the numbers listed above.



Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Sue Halmos, (808) 687-9305


The school attendance clerk keeps daily attendance records, issues tardy slips, re-admittance slips and assists the school in monitoring student attendance.



Attendance Procedures

Ilima Intermediate is part of the Honolulu Police Department’s Weed and Seed Program. Therefore, we have a Zero-Tolerance (ZT) policy on tardies and non-attendance.   Implementation of such procedure will reinforce the ZT policy and emphasize the importance of learning.  Parents will be notified by an automated calling system.  Please make sure your contact information is updated with our Registrar.


Chronic Absenteeism is defined by the Hawaii DOE as 15 or more absences (excused or unexcused) in a school year.  Attendance strongly affects standardized test scores, graduation and drop-out rates.  Chronic absenteeism is detrimental to students’ educational success.  Students need to attend school regularly to succeed.  Excessive tardies also can have a profound impact on a student’s progress.


The Hawaii Statute for School Attendance holds parents/legal guardians responsible for making sure their child attends school. Fines up to $1000 may be levied by the court system. Family Court Truancy petitions may be filed for students with chronic unexcused absences.  Please call your child’s counselor or teachers if there are any concerns regarding your child’s attendance.



    Student Absences

  •  A note from a parent or guardian must accompany a student who is absent for any reason upon his/her return to school.

  • The note must give your child’s full name, date of absence and a reason for the absence. The parent or guardian must sign the note.  Please make sure the note is legible.  If a note is not provided the absence will be considered unexcused (truant) and school level consequences will be given.

  • A returning student must see the Attendance Clerk for a re-admittance slip that is taken to each of the student’s teachers and then returned to the Clerk.



   Tardy Students

  • Any student coming to school after the 7:55am tardy bell will need a pass to enter class and must check in at the front office with the Attendance Clerk.

  • An excused tardy will require a note from the parent/guardian with the date, the child’s name, the reason for being tardy OR the parent/guardian may come into the office to sign the child in to school.

  • Office personnel will issue students a tardy pass and determine whether the tardy is excused or unexcused.

  • Further Attendance information will be distributed at the beginning of the school year.



   Extended Absences

  • Parents taking their child(ren) out of school for more than 10 consecutive school days  must submit a note to the school principal for approval, stating the reason, length of time, and return dates.

  • During these types of extended absences (10 or more days) parents should strongly consider withdrawing their child from school and re-enrolling upon return.

  • When a child is withdrawn from school, missed work will not be counted against their overall grade.




Mr. Ray Yonemura - Team 7-1 & Team 8-1  (808) 687- 9313

Mrs. Leigh-Ann Casuga - Team 7-2 & Team 8-2  (808) 687-9314

Mr. Jerwin Descallar - Team 7-3 & Team 8-3 (808) 687-9402

The counselors will confer with you on any problem having to do with your child’s schoolwork, course selections, group or social problems, occupational information, or any problems of a personal nature. Their office is located on the left side of the administration building, nearest the driveway.


Students may come to the counseling office to sign in when they wish to make an appointment to see and speak to their counselor.  In case of an emergency, students should see an administrator.

Parents may call the school for an appointment to meet with the student’s counselor.  Upon request, counselors will also arrange conferences to meet with teachers.


Transgender students should talk with their counselor if they have questions or concerns about supports for their own gender identity, including name, pronouns, gender expression, use of facilities, or participation in sex-segregated activities.



Health Aide and Health Room Regulations

Health Aide Mrs. Desiree Kim, (808) 687-9310

The Health Aide provides First Aid care to all students each day from 8:00am until the end of the school day and assists students with minor illnesses and injuries. The health room is located on the left side of the administration building.


If a student becomes ill during the day, the student is to obtain a health pass from the teacher and report to the health room.  These passes are returned to the referring teacher at the end of the day.  Parents will be contacted if the situation warrants their immediate attention. Students may not call parents directly from a classroom phone or a cell phone to pick them up from school because they are ill.


State law requires a physical examination for all students entering the Hawaii school system. A current TB test is required upon registration in any school in the State of Hawaii.   A current skin test is one that is not more than a year old.  A Form 14 (Health Records) must be completed and returned to the school.  Your physician will provide you with a DOE Form 14;  blank copies are also available from the Health Room.  Seventh (7th) grade students are required to have the following immunizations to attend public schools in Hawaii:

    3 Hepatitis B

    5 DTP

    2 MMR

    3 or 4 Polio+

    1 or 2 Varicella

During the school year, various screening tests will be given.  If there is a need for further follow up, students will be given a referral slip to take home.  Students participating in interschool athletic activities must have a current physical examination.  ALL students are required to have a current and active emergency card on file in the health room.

The Health Aide also informs parents of a student’s need to see a doctor/dentist by sending home an official DOE form. The Health Aide does not administer medication without appropriate authorization from the student's doctor (forms available in Health Room).  The Health Aide does not treat ongoing medical problems without a request/authorization from the student's doctor.



Media Center

Media Center,  (808) 687-9385

Mrs. Gayle Lee, (808) 687-9386

The vision of Ilima's Media Center is to provide a quiet and conducive learning environment that supports our 21st century learners.  Books, iPads, computers, and other resources are available for students to utilize.   Students must have their TRUF (Technology Responsible Use Form) signed in order to utilize any of the technology on campus. An orientation is given at the beginning of the school year to familiarize students with the procedures and resources available to them.   Hours of operation are   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7:15am – 3:30pm; Wednesday 7:15am-1:40pm.


Students may utilize our eRead system by going to  Students may also borrow printed materials and non-printed materials. Misuse of the facility or materials may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges. Books may be borrowed for two week periods and special reserve books may be kept for three days. A borrower must have their Student ID.  Books placed on reserve by a teacher for student use and reference materials can only be used in the library.  Unpaid book fees for lost, damaged or unreturned books will result in student non-participation in school extra-curricular activities.



Office Staff

Main Office Mrs. Kanani Eaton-Hao, (808) 687-9300

Attendance Mrs. Sue Halmos, (808) 687-9305

Lunch Accounts Mrs. Cathy Sumida, (808) 687-9317

Accounts Clerk, Mrs. Erica Roldan, (808) 687-9311

Secretary Mrs. Traci Enhada, (808) 687-9303

The Front Office is open from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm daily.   The staff provides assistance to students, parents, and the public.  Some of the services provided by the front office are transportation, uniforms, attendance, registration, lunch accounts, directing to other departments, scheduling meetings, locating / signing out students, answering questions, and financial obligations.  Ultimately, the Front Office staff at Ilima Intermediate is here to service anyone who walks through the front door.  Feel free to contact the staff (listed above) if you need any assistance.




Registrar Mr. Brian Lynch-Urbaniak,  (808) 687-9312


The registrar at Ilima is tasked with being the gatekeeper to all cumulative files, enrolling and withdrawing students and for maintaining all cumulative folders and VISIs (transcripts). The registrar monitors completion of enrolling documents which are required for students enrolling in a Hawaii public school.  For students withdrawing from Ilima, there is a set protocol which the registrar oversees to ensure that exiting students receive their withdrawal grades as well as a withdraw packet for their new school.  Anything dealing with student movement, records, grades, or test scores will most likely have some relation to the registrar's role at Ilima.



   Release & Request for Records

  • Students transferring out of Ilima Intermediate will need to complete a “release of school records form” found in the administration office.

  • Parents must notify the school office at least two weeks prior to the date of release.

  • Releases may NOT be requested by phone.

  • Parents must come in person to sign the “release form” in order to officially withdraw.

  • All books and/or school properties are returned and all fees and obligations are paid before checking out.

  • Students will not be released until all obligations are cleared.

  • Records should be ready for pickup on your child's last day of school unless one of the office staff informs you otherwise.



    Change of Address or Phone Number or Guardianship

  • A Demographic Change Form must be submitted for any changes in home/cell phone numbers, addresses or contact person(s).

  • The form is available at the main office.

  • Address changes must be accompanied by proof of residency (i.e. utility bill).  This is a health & safety issue and all information should be current!



Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Stacie Nakamura, (808) 687-9388

The Student Services Coordinator (SSC) oversees the initial and reevaluation processes for students with disabilities and students suspected of having disabilities. The SSC also helps to ensure school compliance with federal and state laws regarding students with disabilities.





Chapter 23 of the DOE’s Administrative Rules states:  Teachers shall assign homework to students as may be required by the educational needs of each student.


Homework should be interpreted as an extension of what is being done in the classroom.  Students should have a clear understanding of what they are to do and, if possible, should have started the activity during school hours.  It should be interesting and challenging to the students.


Students need feedback from teachers on all homework assignments turned in.  Feedback should be timely and appropriate to the activity required by the teacher.



  • Believes that homework helps a student review and reinforce concepts already learned.
  • Student(s) learning styles are taken into account when assigning homework.  The teacher makes sure that student understands assignment.
  • Student needs and interests are recognized.  Teacher emphasizes quality not quantity.
  • Teacher consistently extends and/or further develops what is being done in the classroom.
  • Teacher considers practical and relevant assignments that enable the student to transfer skills to other problem-solving activities.
  • Teacher recognizes how much a student can do after an absence.
  • Teacher informs the student when homework is delinquent and what assignments have not been completed.
  • Teacher encourages student to explore appropriate activities such as television shows, radio programs, movies, books, and/or magazines that add other dimensions to an assignment.



  • Doing homework is your responsibility; schedule your time; secure a regular place to study.
  • Write your assignments in your student planner.  Keep it in your “main” folder.  Take home the books.
  • If you do not understand the assignment, ask your teacher for assistance.
  • Do your own work and do not copy from others.  Do not ask your parents or others to do your work.
  • When absent, use your initiative to ask for back work and explanations of assignments; request more time if it is needed.
  • Work things out with your parents about reference books or library materials you might need from the community library.
  • Pace yourself on a long-term project and be sure to follow the teacher’s time line.
  • Budget your time so that you have enough time to do homework, chores, sports, clubs, etc., as well as have a good night’s rest.
  • If you truly don’t have homework, read a book for pleasure.



  • Provide conditions for study:  adequate time, space, supplies, and reference materials.
  • Help student to have a regular study time and time to get enough sleep.
  • Praise and encourage student.
  • Do not do the work for the student.
  • Observe if student is anxious.  If the homework is consistently difficult or is of an undue quantity, discuss it with the teacher.
  • To improve performance in school, student needs to do homework, review lessons, read books and periodicals, participate in extra-curricular activities, have hobbies and some time to play.
  • Be sure student is prepared each day for school:  good breakfast, appropriate clothing and footwear, holder for homework, necessary notes for illnesses, field trip forms signed, etc.
  • Call attendance office (808-687-9300 X 79305)  to report absences and send written excuse notes within three (3) “class” days of the absence.




Make up work for confirmed absences will be given only after the 3rd day of absence.  For two (2) days or less, students can receive makeup work from their teachers upon their return to class.


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