Kulia I Ka Nu’u - Strive for the Summit!


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Our Beliefs

The school climate is characterized through caring and supportive teachers and a support staff that enhances student achievement.

Ilima Intermediate fosters a learning environment conducive to meeting the unique needs of our developing adolescents.

Teachers promote enthusiasm in learning through a variety of methods to meet the needs of the early adolescent.

The curriculum incorporates a variety of course offerings and instructional methods, interdisciplinary studies, and updated resources and materials.

Effective leaders express a vision, are supportive, communicate openly and share in decision-making.


Community Background

The student population of Ilima Intermediate School is representative of the diverse communities of the Ewa Plains. First, there are students from “well-rooted” families of the community who represent a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Second, there are some military dependents whose enrollment in the Campbell Complex schools last from two to five years. Third, there are a growing number of students from families who have immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines, Asia and the South Pacific area including Micronesia.
This heterogeneous community requires that school programs, activities, teaching strategies and perspectives be flexible and diverse to meet the needs of all students. All students can learn; therefore, Ilima Intermediate will provide a caring yet academically rigorous learning environment for all students so that they may develop and grow.

School History

Ilima Intermediate School services approximately (850) students in grades seven and eight and is part of the Leeward School District on Oahu. The five elementary schools that feed into Ilima are: Holomua, Iroquois Point, Kaimiloa, Pohakea and part of Ewa Beach Elementary. Ilima students continue on to James Campbell High School.
The school was originally known as Wailani Intermediate and High School. Wailani Intermediate and High School evolved into Ewa Beach Intermediate and High School and then later became Campbell High and Intermediate Schools. It was located on our present site in the 1962-63 school year. During the 1969-70 school years, Campbell High School and Ilima Intermediate School were created as independent public secondary schools. Later in the year, Campbell High School relocated to its present location on North Road.
The school’s nickname, Ilima Royales, represents the Ilima blossom--the traditional flower of the Hawaiian royalty—that once grew in abundance in the area.
Classes and administrative services are conducted in 14 permanent structures and six portable classrooms. The adult staff at Ilima total about 90 and includes teachers, aides, custodians, cafeteria staff, security, clerical staff and administrators. There is an annual student turnover of 10%, primarily because of military dependent transfers out-of-state. Recently, we have had an influx of local residents due to the creation of new subdivisions in the area.