Ilima Intermediate School

Intramural and ISA


During advisory period (lunch time) students may participate in physical activities (e.g. flag football, basketball, volleyball) through their homerooms.  Students need parental permission to participate.  All activities are co-ed and friendly in nature with no team standings taken.



Leeward District Interschool Athletics (ISA)

Interschool athletic activities are held during the school hours throughout the school year for both grade levels and for boys and girls.  Student athletes compete against other intermediate schools in the Leeward District. The activities are as follows: Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country/Track, Flag Football, Physical Fitness, Softball, Volleyball


The purpose of these programs is to promote sportsmanship, fellowship and school pride.  The competition is designed to provide an exposure to athletic schedules, technical knowledge and skills in team sports as well as opportunities for student participation.


Physical Examination:  Physical Examinations are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED prior to participating in any of the ISA  programs.  This Physical Examination is different from the one required to enter school.  The form must say,  “Athletic Physical,” and is obtained from your physician when the exam is done. The family absorbs the cost of  the Physical Exam.  If you do not have your own physician or if you cannot get an appointment, the Physician Center @ Mililani (808-627- 3200) performs this examination at a minimal cost and appointments are easily scheduled.


Eligibility and Participation:  Athletes will be declared ineligible for participation in any ISA activity upon receiving  a failing grade in ANY subject.  Student Athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA.  Also, any unsatisfactory mark in  ATTITUDE, EFFORT, and/or BEHAVIOR will result in the athlete being declared ineligible.  Any athlete that quits a  team for any reason will be declared ineligible for the remainder of the school year.  The Student Activities  Coordinator will have the final decision in determining the eligibility of any student athlete.

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