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Academic Programs:
Core Teams

All students are on a core team that consists of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science

Academic Teams

The team monitors academic progress with interventions like tutoring and also monitors studfent behavior.

Advisor / Advisee

This program provides an opportunity for students to get to know a staff member in a non-teaching capacity.

Special Education

Students who meet the special education criteria are placed in these classes. Students may be placed in totally self-contained classes or may attend these classes for several periods.


The Special Motivation program is for students who begin to manifest signs of becoming alienated from school. Students who are alienated and who have failed agrade are placed in the Alternative Learning Center.

Computer Education

The school has a macintosh laboratory and several mobile labs.


Students joinging band will be required to purchase specific books and supplies for their chosen instrument.

Closed Circuit TV

Morning bulletins, special announcements and programs are broadcast throughout the campus via our closed circuit television system.


This after school program offers a variety of activities to students as well as having a tutoring component.

Student Leadership

This program requires the permission of the Student Acivities Coordinator, an application, and an interview in order to be considered for admission to the class.

Required Classes

Each student will have 6 classes . . . ELA, SS, Science, Math, and 2 electives


Band, Wheel, AVID, STEM, Health, Art, PE, Leadership

Academic Policies & Procedures
Academic Credit

Students will receive credit for successfully completing a course will a grade of D or higher. All 7th and 8th graders must pass each of the grade level core classes and one elective each year to be promoted to the next grade level.


7th Grade: Band, Wheel, PE/Health, AVID, STEM, or Leadership

8th Grade: Band, Wheel, PE/ART, STEM, or Leadership

Academic Integrity

Jupiter Ed is available to all parents to keep updated on the child's grades in classes. Grades are updated on a regular basis. Passwords are avaiable from our school Media Center.


Advancement Via Individual Determination
The AVID classroom focuses on providing the skills necessary for college readiness. At Ilima Intermediate School we provide learning the basic foundation and strategies from which AVID is based upon: WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading). AVID students must also develop critical thinking skills in order to be successful in today's competitive society. We want our future leaders, movers, and shakers to be contributing members of our school, community, society, and world.

Science Technology Engineering and Math
Ilima Intermediate Shcool's STEM Enrichment Program is to develop the foundation for students who will compete and succeed in a global world. Students will be challenged to think outside the box on various problem based projects that align to the Hawaii State Standards and Benchmarks, Common Core Standards and Middle School STEM Standards and will obtain essential content knowledge, learning and transitional skills, and cognitive strategies to become the global thinkers of tomorrow.

Core Curriculum Requirements



All students are on a core team that consists of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Students are also on a homeroom team with elcetive teachers, a special education teacher, and a couselor. The team of teachers coordinate classroom rules, field trips, and curriculum.


Academic Teams are provided to every student to provide an opportunity to be successful during their time here at Ilima. The team monitors the academix progress of students by assigningtutoring, checking monring and class attendance, communicating withparents and designing programsto enhance student learning.


Advisory. Activities for this program may include but are not limited to study skills, team building, wellness activities, sustained silent reading, goal setting, school spirit activities, accepting responsibility, monitoring progress in current classes and disciplinary follow-up. Anything that will enable students to understand themselves and the world in which they live may be included in the program.