August 10, 2018

First Week Reminders


We are finishing our first week of school and several forms must be returned to school.  The following is a list of required items:




Principal Letter to Ilima Families


Principal Christopher Bonilla sent a letter home to parents dated August 10, 2018.  Included with the letter are Ilima's Attendance Policy and Procedures, tips with maintaining good attendance, and school calendar. 

View the digital copy ---> here


Uniform, IDs, and Safety


We continue to enforce dress code for safety and identification.  Although our campus is considered a closed-campus, we have many points of entry. Wearing your uniforms and ID allows security and the entire staff to ensure you are a registered student on campus; anyone else is a guest or trespasser.  Review our dress code policy and proper use of the ID by clicking on the underlined links. Be safe!

School is closed next week Friday.


In observance of Hawaii's Statehood Day, Ilima will be closed on Friday, August 17, 2018. Enjoy your extended weekend.



August 4, 2018

Welcome back to School!


Our Faculty, Staff, and Administrators at Ilima Intermediate are eager to start a new school year with you.  School begins on Monday, August 6, 2018 with only 7th grade students on campus and only 8th graders on Tuesday, August 7. All students will be together in school on Wednesday.


Take opportunities to make friends, participate in clubs and activities, engage with your teachers and staff, and be willing to learn through change and challenges.  We look forward to your positive experiences and  growth. Welcome to Ilima!  #IlimaWay

Save the Date: Open House


Our annual Open House is on Thursday, August 23, 2018 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. You are invited to listen to our new school vision and mission, meet your teachers, and learn about our school programs and school curricula.



July 11, 2018

Student Fees Payment - Next Week


***UPDATE: The automated phone call to each Ilima household indicated an INCORRECT end time of 12pm.***


Payment for Student Fees is on Thursday and Friday, July 19 (8th grade) and July 20 (7th grade), 2018 in A101 by the courtyard from 8am to 2pm.


Uniform t-shirts, bus passes, and optional yearbook will be available for purchase.  Class schedules will be mailed and they are needed to confirm registration and processing of student IDs and payments.


For more  information download a copy of the  School Information Packet 2018-2019 that was given to students before the end of the school year.



November 17, 2017

Superintendent visits Ilima

Superintendent Christina Kishimoto visited several classrooms today to hear student voice and perspectives. She was escorted around campus by our Leadership and National Junior Honor Society students.



October 19, 2017

Artist Hilton Alves Completes 25th Mural at Ilima

North Shore resident and renown artist Hilton Alves spent 4 days painting his 25th mural at Ilima Intermediate school.  Hilton's wave murals have been on several school campuses and also on the international scene.  He enjoys sharing a piece of the canvas with others, especially children and students from the school and community. View his other murals at



View the photo album of HiLTON's work at Ilima in this link.



Visitor Check-in

We require visitors, parents or guardians, vendors, and guests to sign-in at the front office during our business hours between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.  This is to ensure each visitor is properly direct to the right meeting room or person.  This measure also mitigates the amount of trespassers, disruption to class instruction, and provides safety for our staff and students.

If you need to visit a classroom or meet with an employee of our school, please call the front office at 808-687-9300 to assist you with scheduling a meeting appointment.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

To our bicyclists, please be mindful of your actions when biking on the road. We have seen reckless bicycling behavior that may jeopardize your health or the life of others.  Watch for on-coming traffic, stay in bike lanes, and avoid riding in pedestrian walk ways. For additional bicycling laws and safety tips read Hawaii Bicycling League's website at

Please share this information with your bike friends. Your safety is our concern.




Student Drop-Off and Pickup

Please drop-off and pick-up your child(ren) in the area between the Hale Pono Boys and Girls Club, Ilima Intermediate, Pohakea Elementary, and Campbell High.  Service vehicles, vendors, and our special needs buses use the front office area to do deliveries, drop-offs and pick-ups.





REMINDER: Sexual Health Education Policy 103-5

Our school offers a DOE approved Sexual Health Education curricula that is provided by is developed by HealthTeacher, Inc. is an online resource of health education tools including lessons, interactive presentations and additional resources to integrate health into any grade K-12. provides students in grades K-12 with the knowledge and skills needed to overcome two serious threats to good health: a lack of physical activity and a void of health literacy. The research-based games, apps, and educational resources are designed to engage students and to provide data to measure and quantify their impact.’s K-5 products also work in tandem with two important sets of education standards: the National Health Education Standards (NHES) and the Common Core Standards, which have been adopted by 45 states.


For more information related to this DOE Policy, visit the Sexual Health Education page in the at



Required Forms DUE

Your cooperation is needed to return the following forms to school this week:

  • Student Publication Audio/Video Release Form
  • Technology Responsible User Form (TRUF) - This must be submitted to the student's teacher before using school computers and the Internet
  • Any appropriate Opt-of-Forms
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Form - Absolute deadline for school

    With the exception of the Free and Reduced lunch form, all documents were included in a booklet that was sent home to each household.  If you need a copy please come by the office.




Ilima Intermediate School

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